Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Modern Church Irony

Just when I think I do not have anyone or anything to smack at on my blog, the editor of the local diocesan paper gets on the mound and offers a pitch that no self-respecting batter can resist swinging at.

In an editorial in the most recent issue of The B.C. Catholic Paul Schratz trumpets the entry of the paper into the age of social media. BCC is blogging and tweeting, has its own Facebook page, and has just launched a new website "that will allow us to get local stories online in real time.”

Schratz cites a recent study in the U.S. which shows that “churches are not taking advantage of social networking.” He quotes the owner of BuzzPlant, an Internet marketing company:

“American churches have millions of people on their rolls who do not feel connected today because churches, as a whole, have failed to effectively connect with them as times dictate.”

I suspect that Mr. Schratz does not recognize the delicious irony of the statement he quotes.

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