Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It has been a few weeks since I wrote something on this blog. To those faithful readers who keep looking for something new (or who have long since given up), my apologies for the long absence.

One of the reasons for the paucity of blog postings in the past month is pure circumstance. I had several house guests, homestay students moving in and moving out, a floor refinishing project that required removal of all items, large and small, from the living room and dining room and their replacement after the floors dried—a much larger job than anyone in this house had imagined. Just when this project was finally completed and I was ready to settle into my regular life of study and writing, there was a major flood in the basement. This was an enormously disruptive and stressful event from which I am just beginning to emerge.

The second, and more significant, reason for my blog silence is that my journey seems to be taking me in a new direction. I have been feeling this change coming for a while but it has yet to take on a definite shape, so I am unable to articulate it in any coherent way at this moment. Suffice it to say that my interest in all things Catholic is still much the same but my perspective appears to be changing. I have had an interest for some time now in Joseph Campbell’s work in the field of mythology and may seek to apply some of his insights to my own study of religion. I am also interested in a more contemplative approach to spirituality, one that is less reactive, more accepting and forgiving, more peaceful and loving.

Of course, I will continue to speak out against what I consider unjust in the Church and in the world, but I hope that my speaking out will come less from a sense of personal affront and more from an inclination toward reconciliation.

In the meantime, I have been attending Sunday Mass at St. Augustine’s, still very quietly and anonymously but with an eye to perhaps becoming more involved. I suppose my next step will be to have a private chat with the priest to determine whether the parish will allow me to be active and be who I really am.

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